Studio 1

210m² rental studio Studio 1 at Studio Chérie with angled 32m² cyclorama, over 100m² shooting area and dimmable skylight
210 m²
880 € / Tag

Studio 2A & 2B

Studio 2 at Studio Chérie has a cyclorama of ~ 20 m² and 3,7m height ceiling
35 m²
35 € / hr.

Studio 3

30m² cyclorama in Studio 3 with high power connection, music system, large work table and rollable stools for the production team
210 m²
770 € / day

Studio 4

Shooting area of Studio 4 rental studio with white brick wall, large window front, opaque curtains and concrete floor in industrial look
150 m²
550 € / day

Full service rental studio for photo and video production in the heart of Berlin

Studio Chérie are five professional rental studios for photography and video productions, shoots, streaming, castings, workshops and events with in-house lighting equipment rental.

We specialize in fashion and product photography, editorials and still life, but are also a central and professionally equipped location for all kinds of events: Coachings, meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations, pop-ups, readings and exhibitions.

Located in heart of creative Berlin-Neukölln, just a few steps from Hermannplatz and Landwehr Canal, our charming daylight photo studios are spread over four floors of an industrial building. They are easily accessible by lift and have their own separate entrance. This makes them ideal for pop-up events, product presentations, fashion shows or conferences. 

A large lounge area with a sofa and conference table, a fully equipped kitchen and a separate make-up area provide the perfect environment for developing good ideas and creative work in an elegant and cozy atmosphere. Large window fronts provide plenty of daylight, which can also be completely darkened with opaque curtains. There is also a green screen, brick walls, infinity curve and a 90° surrounding cyclorama as well as various coloured backgrounds and movable walls. 

With over 10 years of experience, we know exactly what is important. Our in-house lighting equipment from Profoto, Arri, Avenger, Manfrotto and many more has the complete range of flash, continuous light and accessories directly on site. As a full service studio, we do everything we can to save your day. Our team is authentic, competent and helpful; we are international and multilingual and happy to be there for you.

We are also happy to share our knowledge and network with our production team. From set design to post-production, we offer every service to move your project forward.

Model in beige turtle neck sweater and white background in Studio Chérie Photoshoot Medium Close up of E-commerce Model shoot for Gobi Cashemere.
In the image of Studio Chérie Equipment there is Profoto Softboxes of different sizes, Profoto Umbrella Reflectors, Profoto Generators, Profoto Heads, Profoto Stands, Profoto Zoom and Magnum reflectors, Profoto Beauty White Dish, Profoto Fresnel Spot and Barndoors, Arrilite 2000 Kit, Arrilite 750 Plus Kit, Kinoflo 4Bank 4ft, Butterfly 6x6, Butterfly 6’x6’ Artificial Silk White, Manfrotto Autopoles 032, Manfrotto 425B Mega Boom, C-Stands 40’’ KIT, Manfrotto Double Wind-Ups 087 NW, Manfrotto Statives 126CSU on Wheels, Cambo Studio Stand, A Clamps, Apple Box Set and A Canon Set.
In the photo you can see a number of objects used to help during productions. There are three rolls of background paper resting on the wall and one laid out horizontally hanging on the wall. There is a roll of gelatin to filter the light next to the paper rolls. There's a wood lounger, a pine wood plank, a white clay watering can used as a vase for some decorative flowers, a transport cart with two chairs on top, a high table with a roll of adhesive tape on top, a painting by Kristine Alksne, a black chair, a black plank, a small wooden table painted white with a large plant on top, and an aluminum triangle truss.
Blue turquoise Modern Classic Style Walls, white king size bed with five different size of pillows, blue velvet bedside table with one white round vase and plants, white decorative pieces, white thin floor lamp with round glass diffusor, books on the flor, black round vase with plant inside, mixed neutral colors carpet, concrete industrial floor. Editorial pictures for Royfort Set Design Kristine Alksne / Set bau production Chérie
Set construction