Studio 2 at Studio Chérie is 36 m² studio with lots of natural light, Industrial painted concrete floor, white walls, with two large windows with curtains.
Studio 2B at Studio Chérie, compact and inexpensive.
Studio 2 at Studio Chérie has a cyclorama of ~ 20 m² and 3,7m height ceiling
Studio 2 includes a desk, a japanese screen for changing clothes, a cloth rail, hangers and a steamer.

Studio 2A & 2B, two small and affordable studios

Studio 2A and 2B are fully equipped and are the ideal rental studios for your photo or video shoot in Berlin if you are looking for a small and very affordable space.

These two bright daylight photo and video studios are located separately on the 2nd floor and are the perfect location for portrait and product photography, influencer and content creator photo shoots and video shoots, model and sedcard shoots, but also for castings and test shoots..

You'll find everything you need for a professional shoot on 38m² each. Both studios have two large south-facing windows. Studio 2B has an infinity cove measuring 4m x 5.5m. Studio 2A does not have an infinity cove, but a Calumet background paper in the color of your choice, which we have on site, is included in the rental price. Rolled out vertically until the floor and without a running surface, the background paper can be used free of charge for your shoot. With a running surface and rolled out horizontally, we charge 10 € per meter for trimming.

Both studios have basic lighting equipment kit for flash or continuous light included and can also be booked by the hour or together, with or without a camera.

No soundproofing
36 m² daylight studio (+18 m²)
2rd floor / Elevator (1.1 x 2.1 x 2.15 m)
2 windows facing south
Infinity cove (5,5 x 4 x 3.6 m)
Ceiling height 3.6 m
Voltage current 3 x 16 A
High-speed WIFI up to 1000Mbit/s
Shared kitchen
Extra room available (18 m²)
Concrete floor, industrial look

Studio 2


35 €
250 €

+ Camera


+10 €
+100 €

Incl. light kit


2 x Profoto D1 1000 Air
or 7a Profoto Kit (2 heads)
2 x Compact Stand
1 x Profoto Air Sync
2 x Softbox


2 x Arrilite 2000
3 x Arrilite 750 Plus
5 x Stands

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Studio 2A

Studio 2B

Floor plan of Studio 2 at Studio Chérie. Studio 2 is in the upper left corner next to the emergency exit. On the right of the entrance is the office area and on the left 2 meeting rooms. Next to the office area is the kitchen and in the upper right corner the bathrooms.