Two models sitting in Simple Modern Aluminum and Plastic Folding Chairs inside of a Vibrant Orange Room, matching striped sweaters, Editorial Branding production for Gobi Cashmere / Set Design Kristine Alksne/ Set Bau and Production Studio Chérie
Blue turquoise Modern Classic Style Walls, white king size bed with five different size of pillows, blue velvet bedside table with one white round vase and plants, white decorative pieces, white thin floor lamp with round glass diffusor, books on the flor, black round vase with plant inside, mixed neutral colors carpet, concrete industrial floor. Editorial pictures for Royfort Set Design Kristine Alksne / Set bau production Chérie
Medium close up photo of a woman inside of a beige bathroom with water drops on the screen and taking product out of the jar. Photoshoot for Christoph Robin / Set Desing by Kristine Alksne / Producction and Set Bau by Studio Chérie.
Long Shot of four different types of dog breeds on top of different size blue cubes, the dogs wear vests and coats of different basic designs, dark blue and dark green background, overhead soft light. Photoshoot for CLOUD7 / Set Bau Studio Chérie
Medium shot of a woman with long hair in a room with modern classic style walls, golden long floor mirror, monstera plant, the light reaches the model as if through the leaves of a tree. Photoshoot for Christoph Robin, Set Deding by Kristine Alksne, Production and Set Bau by Studio Chérie.

In-house set design and set construction service

‍Benefit from our many years of experience in location scouting, prop styling, set design, and set construction:

In collaboration with the experienced set designer Kristine Alksne and our team of creative professionals, we support you in set and scenery construction. Together we develop design concepts and create convincing sets with selected furniture and accessories that enhance the visual impact of each production. 

We have everything right in-house to realize projects directly: four photo studios, our own workshop and atelier space, a fully equipped rental shop with props and a strong network of creatives and craftsmen.