In the photo you can see a number of objects used to help during productions. There are three rolls of background paper resting on the wall and one laid out horizontally hanging on the wall. There is a roll of gelatin to filter the light next to the paper rolls. There's a wood lounger, a pine wood plank, a white clay watering can used as a vase for some decorative flowers, a transport cart with two chairs on top, a high table with a roll of adhesive tape on top, a painting by Kristine Alksne, a black chair, a black plank, a small wooden table painted white with a large plant on top, and an aluminum triangle truss.

Props in house rental and props design

Our in-house rental offer various props like chairs, tables, couches, backgrounds, floors, and art work. We also have furniture from different designers we collaborate with. Please contact us for further information & conditions.