Shooting area of Studio 4 rental studio with white brick wall, large window front, opaque curtains and concrete floor in industrial look.
Fully equipped open kitchen in studio 4 with large table and access to bathroom with bathtub.
Area delimited with white curtains contains equipment such as polyboards, ladder, extension cables, sandbags and ventilators.
Bathroom filled with natural light, elegant plain design suited with a bathtub and two sinks with faucet and mirrors.
A close up of the bordered bathtub with wood paneling and concrete top plate accompanied by houseplants near the large window.

Studio 4

Our studio 4 offers a familiar and intensive work atmosphere on its 150sqm. It has, among other things, a concrete floor in industrial look, a brick wall, a conference table and an elegant bathroom design with bathtub. The make-up area has its own room, which can be completely separated from the studio activities. The studio is located on the top floor and thus has the best daylight. It is our quietest studio and ideal for sound recording or live-streaming.

No soundproofing
150 sqm daylight studio
4th floor / Elevator (1.1 x 2.1 x 2.15m)
3 windows facing south
Infinity cove (6 x 4 x 3.6m)
Ceiling height 3.6m
High voltage current 16A
High-speed WIFI up to 1000Mbit/s
Fully equipped kitchen & lounge area
Hair and make-up station
Concrete floor, industrial look

1 day: 550€
½ day: 330€

Floorplan of Studio 4. Through the entrance we access a corridor that connects two private offices with the entrance to studio 4. In the upper left corner of the corridor is the entrance to studio 4, an empty space is accessed and in front is the cyclorama. To the right of the entrance to the studio is the basic equipment in a corner. On the right of the cylorama is the emergency exit which follows the kitchen and the two bathrooms. In front of the kitchen area there is a room for make-up and styling.