An AI-generated car crash scene features a real model. The red car is surrounded by shattered glass, with a frightened woman inside. The model is dressed in a blue pleated shirt with a plunging neckline and has extremely long square nails.
There are two photos side by side. In the left photo, an artificially generated New York street scene, a model stands on a pedestrian crossing, looking surprised as if she's about to be hit by a car. She is holding numerous coffee cups and phones, and is dressed in a Daniel Boscos outfit. Both her mini dress and bag are made to look like condom wrappers. She is adorned with extravagant golden jewelry and has exceptionally long red nails. The right photo depicts an asphalt ground with the model's hands reaching for scattered bills, credit cards, phones, a Moschino earring, and spilled coffee.
Two photos are displayed side by side. In the left photo, a Jacquemus Le Chiquito Moyen Shoulder Bag in light pink is showcased. From the bottom of the bag emerge AI-generated flamingo legs, standing on swampy ground that fades into the mist. In the right photo there is a Loewe Women's Hammock Hobo Mini Bag in Vivid Orange. From the bottom of the bag emerge AI-generated duck legs, standing on a nest
On a digitally created snow-covered mountain peak, a real model woman is clad in a medium-sized beige coat crafted from lining and artificial leather. She completes her ensemble with transparent high-top boots, accented with opaque beige elements.

AI Studio, for unlimited content creation

Since the beginning of 2023 and the exciting breakthrough of Midjourney, the creation of every image is possible. We have embraced this revolution in content creation and continue to build and deepen our AI expertise in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and product photography. Our AI skills have been used in productions for various clients, most notably in editorial work for Numéro Netherlands, Sleek Magazine and MERDE Magazine.

Working as an extension of your team, we can help you get where you want to go. We offer a wide range of services, from technical support and AI consultancy to the conception, production and post-production of your campaign using AI-generated imagery. 

Hybrid photography: We define it as the combination of photography with AI and CGI created images. We believe this technique gives you the best of both worlds. The AI gives your imagination unlimited possibilities in set design and location without the usual cost (practically free!). From the on-set photography, you get two very important things. First, the complete accuracy of your product being shot live. Second, the emotion and creativity that can only come from a full team of creatives including photographers, models, make-up artists, stylists and set designers.

Our service includes:

These services can also be booked separately.

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