30m² cyclorama in Studio 3 with high power connection, music system, large work table and rollable stools for the production team.
Separate entrance area to Studio 3 with cyclorama and in-house lighting equipment from Profoto, Arri, Avenger, Manfrotto, and more.
Studio 3 with 210m² total area, lots of natural light, cyclorama, concrete floor in industrial look, open kitchen, lounge and large make-up area.
Studio 3's open and fully equipped kitchen with large bar table is located next to the large makeup area.
Fully equipped kitchen of Studio 3 rental studio with stove and dishwasher.
Large makeup and styling area with steamer, coat rails and a huge illuminated mirror.
Studio 3 rental studio with all the important features, air-conditioning, open working atmosphere and creative ambience.
Large shooting area with cyclorama and lots of daylight in Studio 3. The 4 large window fronts can be darkened with opaque curtains.
A close up of the bordered bathtub with wood paneling and concrete top plate.
Large bright bathroom in Studio 3 in elegant plain design with bordered bathtub and sight protection. A little oasis of wellness.

Studio 3, open studio loft with lots of daylight.

Our large studio 3 awaits you with a relaxed, classic atmosphere. It is located on the 3rd floor and has lots of natural light and a 30 sqm infinity cove. The open loft character with concrete floor in industrial look, sofa lounge, long bar table, and elegant bathroom design with bathtub is ideal for larger productions and offers plenty of space for props. The spacious and open make-up area has a large mirror surface and can be separated with curtains as desired.

No soundproofing
210sqm daylight studio
3rd floor / Elevator (1.1 x 2.1 x 2.15m)
4 windows facing south
Infinity cove (6 x 5 x 3.6m)
Ceiling height 3.6m
High voltage current 32A to 63A
High-speed WIFI up to 1000Mbit/s
Fully equipped kitchen & lounge area
Separate hair & make-up area
Concrete floor, industrial look

1 day: 770€
½ day: 440€

Floorplan of Studio 3 at Studio Chérie. On the left of the entrance is the cyclorama and shooting area. On the right of the entrance, the storage area followed by the make-up and styling area. The kitchen is in the top right corner followed by two bathrooms, one larger than the other. The emergency exit is on the wall opposite the entrance.